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We believe that the instructor must keep largest share of revenue when it comes to sharing their experience with the world

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We believe that the instructor must get 80% of the revenue share even when a student purchases a course via organic search

80/20 Coupon Sale

We believe that the instructor must still get to keep 80% of the revenue share when they bring in students via coupon codes


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Unlike other online courses marketplaces who tend to change their revenue share terms and conditions frequently, we at KNAKL are committed to change everything except the 80/20 revenue share model.

We hold ourselves accountable to this commitment because we believe that the instructor must get the biggest revenue share than anyone else.


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We know how bad it feels when online courses marketplaces take 90% of the revenue share and you as an instructor get only 10% or sometimes less.

This leads us to a big question, “Can you make a living by creating online video courses”?

How would you feel if you get to keep 80% revenue for every course sale? Imagine those extra dollars that you can make per month.

We all know about 80 / 20 rule and at KNAKL, we are obsessed about the 80/20 rule.  

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